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52 KG

Max Wind
30 Knots

Battery Life
Up To 24 Hours


Max Wave 
3 meters


Top Speed
4.5 Knots

Up to 2NM

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Jon Partridge, CEO, RS Sailing

Since partnering with SailGP, MarkSetBot has been exposed to several companies similarly partnered with the new racing league. One of those is the UK-based boat manufacturer RS Sailing. After experiencing MarkSetBot in person, Jon Partridge, CEO of RS Sailing, had this to say:


“Without MarkSetBot, we would not have been able to run our Inspire program last year.  We have 15 minutes to setup a course, run the race, and take it down.  With traditional marks, that would not be possible.”

Russell Coutts, CEO, SailGP

MarkSetBot’s participation in SailGP has brought us to the attention of Russell Coutts, CEO of SailGP.  “I just saw the brilliant technology from MarkSetBot which is a revolutionary course laying system using robotic technology,” Coutts said.


In speaking about MarkSetBot’s value outside of SailGP, Coutts commented, “we immediately have decided we need some of those in our youth program in New Zealand, that’s for sure.  For anyone that’s been involved with pulling up anchor chains and so-forth, getting to this MarkSetBot, it’s definitely a great solution.”

Ken Read, President, North Sails

“I recently did a Club-Swan 50 event and they used really cool self-propelled, no anchor GPS-controlled race marks – they were working in current and good breeze and waves and it made for simple racecourse adjustments and far fewer people needed to run the races.  If you are a starting-line perfectionist PRO this gives you free reign to move the mark up to about five minutes before the start and still allow people to ping the pin.


Fewer people.  Fewer anchor lines.  Fewer boats are needed. Less fuel.  I couldn’t believe how something like this wouldn’t be cost-effective for all yacht clubs around the globe.”

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